Direct Mail Tips

Accurate mailing works hard to ensure that every mailing achieves the greatest results for our customers. Our Project Managers will work with you to answer any question as well as consult with all your mailing and bulk mailing campaign options.

Contact us before you print. We will review your pre-print proof piece to verify it for postal regulation guidelines adherence. This important step can save you money and
processing time.

Greatest return on your investment (ROI) – personalization and variable data speaks directly to your audience. Let us make it simple for you and set your project up for the
greatest results.

Use the right paper – Postcards and self-mailer pieces have minimum thickness requirements. A 4 ¼ x 6 postcard must be printed on 7 point (.007) minimum stock. All oversized cards must be printed on 9 point (.009) minimum stock. Reply cards have the same rules. Let us do the printing and we’ll help you choose the best paper for your needs!

Avoid Hi-gloss paper stock – Many inkjet inks used for addressing will not dry on coated stocks. Check with us before choosing a stock.

The USPS wants rectangular letter mail – To qualify, your piece must fit their “aspect ratio”, which is length divided by height. For example, an 8.5 x 5.5 piece would have an
aspect ratio of 1.545. Your answer must be between 1.3 and 2.5 inches to qualify. Send us your files and we will do the math for you!

Make sure your bar code is in the clear zone – a bar coded letter size mail piece must have a 4” wide by 1 ½” deep address area. The barcode must have 1/8” clearance from left and right edge and 5/8” from bottom.

Use white or light colored backgrounds for your address barcode – Dark colors will interfere with postal scanning equipment.

Avoid Non-standard folding – Self-mailers should be folded at the bottom of the address panel. This method requires a two tab seal at the top. Before you print a folded self mailer (FSM) make sure to contact us for the recent mail regulation changes.

Utilize properly sized inserts – Measure all inserts that are to be machine inserted into and envelope. They must be ½” smaller than the width of the envelope and ¼” less in
height. This mistake can take a project from machine to hand inserting!

Check if your mailer will pass the tap test – Tap Test address cards that are to be inserted into a window envelope. There must be an address clear zone showing through the window envelope even when tapped on the left, right, top and bottom.
Avoid all of these hassles by working with Accurate Mailing Services and let us take the worry out of your next direct mailing!