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Accurate Mailing Services made its mark by leveraging our experience to deliver the best possible direct mail campaigns, postcard mailings, & letters.

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Accurate Mailing Services offers a multitude of solutions for your direct mail marketing campaigns. 

Standard Post Card (Full Color, 4.25" x 6")

This is the lowest cost mailing possible.  These post cards mail at a lower first class postage rate than any other mail piece.  Frequently you can mail 4 times as many postcards for a fraction of the cost of other mailings. 

Deluxe Post Card (Full Color, 6" x 9")

This piece will allow for increased space for messaging and create a greater visibility for your marketing message.  Rates are variable depending on the numbers mailed.

Jumbo Post Card (Full Color, 6" x 11")

This post card stands out from the rest and frequently gets very high visibility.  Standing tall amongst the regular mail this jumbo post card creates the biggest impact for the price.

Letter & Envelope (Full Color, 8.5" x 11" w/ #10 Envelope)

The professional way to deliver your message, this piece is seen as the most recognized marketing tool.  With quality printed envelopes and matching letterhead this letter will allow you to give the greatest amount of information.  This method also allows for reply envelopes and multiple piece inserts.